Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

Our Easter this year was very quiet and nice. We had a great church service then home to a quiet dinner. It was just us and Uncle Al. The kids love Uncle Al so they were happy. Uncle Al is great for teaching the kids how things work and how to put things together. Since Todd is some what mechanically challenged, we have to call on Uncle Al for anything that breaks or needs to be put together. He is great for letting the kids help him and showing them along the way how he fixes or puts things together. Zach has become so good with mechanical things because of this. We attribute Zach's amazing ability to put Legos together to this. When I say amazing I mean amazing. You must see some of the space ships and projects he has done. Right now Luke is the latest apprentice for Uncle Al's little projects. He is really learning. As usual, we had a few projects for Uncle AL when he came over for Easter. So that took up some of the day along with a few Lego projects Zach wanted to do with Uncle Al. So the boys had fun. We are very blessed that the boys have Uncle Al in their lives. I'm pretty sure Uncle Al feels the same way about them. Isabella had a great day too. She just loved clomping around in her fun noisy shoes, her girly minnie pearl hat,(must be after her namesake- caroline, a.k.a- aunt minnie) and twirling her dress. She really is a girl. Not sure how that happened. All in all we had a wonderful day and very thankful for all the day means. He is Risen!!!!!!!!!

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