Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

Our Easter this year was very quiet and nice. We had a great church service then home to a quiet dinner. It was just us and Uncle Al. The kids love Uncle Al so they were happy. Uncle Al is great for teaching the kids how things work and how to put things together. Since Todd is some what mechanically challenged, we have to call on Uncle Al for anything that breaks or needs to be put together. He is great for letting the kids help him and showing them along the way how he fixes or puts things together. Zach has become so good with mechanical things because of this. We attribute Zach's amazing ability to put Legos together to this. When I say amazing I mean amazing. You must see some of the space ships and projects he has done. Right now Luke is the latest apprentice for Uncle Al's little projects. He is really learning. As usual, we had a few projects for Uncle AL when he came over for Easter. So that took up some of the day along with a few Lego projects Zach wanted to do with Uncle Al. So the boys had fun. We are very blessed that the boys have Uncle Al in their lives. I'm pretty sure Uncle Al feels the same way about them. Isabella had a great day too. She just loved clomping around in her fun noisy shoes, her girly minnie pearl hat,(must be after her namesake- caroline, a.k.a- aunt minnie) and twirling her dress. She really is a girl. Not sure how that happened. All in all we had a wonderful day and very thankful for all the day means. He is Risen!!!!!!!!!

Good Friday

Sometimes as a Mom you think you're doing something so good, only to find out it went terribly wrong. On Good Friday I really wanted the kids to know what happened on that day and how important it was. So we started the day with a bible reading about what happened to Jesus on that day. How he suffered and was killed, how he hung on the cross, with the major emphasis on why he did it. I was actually happy with the fact that before we went on to our busy day we stopped to acknowledge what was important. Then we went on to a very busy day. Delivering meals, visiting friends and then on to swim lessons. So that night when we were coloring eggs I wanted to reaffirm what I thought was a great lesson. So I said you guys do know that Easter is not about coloring eggs, candy and the Easter bunny right? They all responded Yes. Then I said " what is it about ?" Max responded, as though he was irritated at my hammering this point today, "We know Jesus died and rose from the dead so we could sin." Okay, not the EXACT point I was trying to make. So I quickly responded "Not SO we could sin, because we sinned". "Yah, that's what I meant". Max said. I guess that was my lesson in humility. Just when you think you're doing this great job, kids have a way of bringing you right back down to earth. I guess a Mother's work is never quite done.

Does this HAVE to end?????

I know as the boys get older these moments won't happen so I just want to put them down so I don't ever forget them. I want to remember these as they pull out of the driveway with their prom dates. Every night before bed Zach and Max give me a hug and a kiss and Zach says "I love you more than ANYONE in the World." I usually tell him "I love you to the moon and back." He says "well i love you to the moon and back google times." Then Max chimes in "Well I love you more than you love me" Where I respond "IMPOSSIBLE"! Then he giggles and says "impossible". This little dialogue goes on almost verbatim every night. Yet somehow these little love wars never get old and end up being the highlight of each day. Some day I'll miss these so much but for now I'm just going to savor each and every night.

These bedtime talks are the best.

Luke and I have the best talks before bed. It is my , our, favorite time of the day. We read our books, say our prayers then cuddle and talk. Last night he says" Mommy, where do God and Jesus sleep?" Well, I said, I really don't think they do sleep. "But Mommy.. they have to sleep. Do they sleep on the floor? On a Bed?" I said "I really don't know Luke but I really doubt they need to sleep." Well he says"When I finally get to see them I'm going to ask them. After I ask God who's belly he was in. (long pause) Oh and after I ask them where Nana is So I can see her walk." I really wasn't sure If I wanted to laugh or cry. I think I did a little of both. Kids are AWESOME!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Isabella's 2nd Birthday

Our little baby turned 2! On one hand it's hard to believe 2 years has passed. On the other hand it's amazing how in such a short time this little angel has secured her spot in our household. ( as queen of course) and stolen the hearts of two adults and three big brothers. She really has stolen the show. What a fun addition she is to our family.
On the morning of her birthday Daddy asked Lucas what he thought of his sister turning 2. He said "it's good". Daddy asked "why is it good"? Lucas replied " because when you get older you get to do more things". " Like what?' Asked Daddy. Lucas replied "Like somersaults" ! So now that I'm 40 Instead of thinking of all the years that have gone by I'm going to think of all the somersaults I get to do.
Her birthday party was filled with her favorite - Dora The Explorer! Everything was Dora. From the tableclothes to the plates and cups. So were all the gifts. Although when your 2 year old hands you a box and says "Abrir" ( spanish word for open) she's probably watching too much Dora The Explorer. We were blessed with the presence of great grammy and Gramps, A.K.A Dammy and Damps, Aunt Anne, Uncle Bert and Auntie Em, Uncle Al, Aunt Pat, and GrandDad. Mum- Mum was really missed but she couldn't come because she wasn't feeling well. Isabella had a great time although she wasn't a big fan of everyone staring at her and singing Happy Birthday! All in all it was a great time and another fun memory in our lives.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How do you answer this????

Last night as Luke and I were reading books before bed we were reading the story of Jesus' birth. Luke looked at me and said "who's belly was God in". Anyone that has an answer for that feel free to pass it along.